Wills vs. Trust: In Plain English

One of the most popular questions that I get from potential clients is what’s the difference between a will and a trust. Most articles on this topics, however, often presume that everyone knows the basics of these essential documents. But, in reality, many of us don’t – and with good reason – as they’re rooted …

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What to Do After a Loved One Dies

If you’ve been appointed an executor of a loved one’s estate or a successor trustee, and that person dies, your grief – not to mention your to-do list, including tasks ranging from planning the funeral, coordinating relatives coming in from out of town and (eventually) meeting with a trust administration or probate lawyer – can …

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Why a Trust Is the Best Option to Avoid Probate

As Ambrose Bierce once darkly observed, “Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.” Obviously, ideally, when someone passes away, the paperwork and material concerns associated with the estate are so flawlessly handled (thanks to excellent preparation) that they fade into the background, allowing the family to grieve and remember in …

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Pros and Cons of Probate

The word “probate” often comes with a starkly negative connotation.  Financial planners often recommend trying to keep property out of probate no matter the size of your estate.  However, the probate system was ultimately established to protect the property of the deceased and his/her heirs, and in a few cases it may even work to an …

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3 Simple Ways to Avoid Probate Costs

The bad news: probated estates are subject to a variety of costs from attorneys, executors, appraisers, accountants, courts, and state law. Depending on the probate’s complexity, fees can run into tens of thousands of dollars. The good news: probate costs can be reduced by avoiding probate. It’s really that simple. Here are three simple ways …

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