Money Isn’t Everything in Estate Planning

Money may be the most talked about wealth contained within a person’s estate, but the riches of their experience and wisdom can mean even more to family members down the line. Family traditions can be built into your estate plan alongside your wishes regarding your money, property, and belongings. What makes a family a family …

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How to Safeguarding Your Estate Plan

There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing. –Robert Burns Even with an estate plan, things can always happen that may cause confusion or throw a wrench into the best-made plans. Below are three examples of worst-case scenarios and ways to that show how are carefully addressed plan can address the issues. Scenario One: Family …

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Do You Need An Estate Plan?

George Carlin would have been a great pitchman for estate planning. You may remember his stand-up routine on “stuff.” We all have stuff, and we’re pretty particular about our stuff. We move it around with us, it’s hard for some of us to get rid of it, and some of us don’t like our stuff …

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3 Simple Ways to Avoid Probate Costs

The bad news: probated estates are subject to a variety of costs from attorneys, executors, appraisers, accountants, courts, and state law. Depending on the probate’s complexity, fees can run into tens of thousands of dollars. The good news: probate costs can be reduced by avoiding probate. It’s really that simple. Here are three simple ways …

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How to Avoid Sending Your Loved Ones (and Assets) through Probate

Many people are using a revocable living trust instead of a will or joint ownership as the foundation of their estate plan. When properly prepared, a living trust will avoid the public, costly and time-consuming court processes of conservatorship or guardianship (due to incapacity) or probate (after death). Still, many people make a big mistake …

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Can Your Estate Plan Handle the Stress?

So you’ve done the hard work of establishing an estate plan.  Now you want to make sure that the strategy you’ve selected will maximize your peace of mind and protect your legacy. Here are 5 “stress test” questions to assess whether you might need to update your estate plan: When was the last time you …

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