"By failing to plan, you are planning to fail"

-  Benjamin Franklin

Why We Are Different

We understand your goals and concerns because we have them too. We take the time to listen to your fears, desires, and dreams, and we work with you to craft a unique, custom-tailored solution that you understand and can use.

When our custom planning process is layered with our great customer service, we empower you to stop worrying and focus on what matters most – enjoying time with your family.

Meet Scott


Scott Aubrey


I didn’t truly appreciate the importance of estate planning until I became a parent. I was like most new parents, and I procrastinated in completing my estate plan. I didn’t think anything would happen to my wife or me and there was always something else that I made a priority.

My wife and I were planning our first trip without our kids and every parent’s greatest fear set in – who would take care of our kids if something happened to us.

This fear finally motivated us to make sure we had a plan in place. I wanted to do everything we could to protect our kids, so I started to learn more about estate planning.

I was working in the financial services industry, so I saw first hand what the problems that could arise if there wasn’t a plan in place.  I wanted to make sure that my family avoided these problems.

After going through the estate planning process, I knew that I wanted to help families and business owners protect what matters most to them. I wanted to provide them with peace of mind by having a solid estate plan in place.

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